Moray Dahlia Plaque by Debbie Cole

Cling Jumbo Moray Dahlia Plaque by Debbie ColeSupplies:

From Stampendous:
CRS5063 Cling Jumbo Moray Dahlia
SAS03 Stack Art Stamps Royal Heart
SSH57 Perfectly Clear Acrylic Jumbo Handle

Americana Cocoa, Golden Straw, Lilac, Light Avocado, Light Buttermilk, Orchid, Royal Purple, White Wash, & Wild Orchid Acrylic Paint by DecoArt®
Multi-Purpose Sealer by DecoArt®
Easy Float by DecoArt®
DuraClear Matte Varnish by DecoArt®
Lattice Plaque by Painter’s Paradise
Sponge Wedges
Sanding Disc
Paper Palette
Paper Towels


  1. 1.Sand in between the lattice cutting a sanding disc to fit in between the lattice openings. Apply a thin coat of sealer to the entire plaque, sand lightly, then wipe with dampened cheese cloth. Basecoat with Light Buttermilk. Apply a coat of matte varnish to the plaque.
  2. Place the Hand Writing stamp onto a medium acrylic handle. Dampen cosmetic sponge and remove as much water as possible. Pour a puddle of Fawn out on the palette paper. Pounce the sponge into the paint and then on a clean area of the palette. When you look at the bottom of the sponge it should be covered by paint but you should still be able to see the texture of the sponge. Quickly pounce the loaded sponge and apply to the Hand Writing stamp. Stamp it onto the top of the plaque beginning in the upper right hand corner. Reload the stamp and continue stamping all over the background. When using paint on stamps it is important that you do not overload the image. If you don’t like what you have stamped simply wipe it off with dampened paper towel. The matte varnish will allow easy clean up.
  3. Place the Moray Dahlia stamp onto the Jumbo Acrylic Handle. Pour a puddle of Wild Orchid out on the palette paper. Load the sponge and quickly pounce the loaded sponge onto the Moray Dahlia stamp. Stamp it into the center of the plaque. In the same manner load the leaf stamp with Light Avocado + Fawn + Light Buttermilk (1:1:1). Wash over the large petals of the flowers with thinned Orchid, the small petals with Cocoa, and the leaves with thinned Light Avocado + Fawn + Light Buttermilk (1:1:1). Float to shade the large petals with Orchid, the small petals with Cocoa, and the leaves with the Light Avocado + Fawn + Light Buttermilk (1:1:1). Dry brush the highlights to the large petals with Lilac, the small petals with Light Buttermilk, and the leaves with Light Avocado + Fawn + Light Buttermilk (1:1:3).
  4. The second shades are floated with Wild Orchid to the large petals, Light Avocado + Cocoa (1:1) to the small petals, and Light Avocado to the leaves. The second highlights are dry brushed with Light Buttermilk to the large petals and White Wash to the small petals. The darkest areas and accents are glazed with a transparent float of color.
  5. The scrolls were stamped onto the background in the same manner above, with the exception that two colors were applied to the stamp. Load the scroll stamp with Wild Orchid, then quickly load the same sponge with a little Fawn and randomly pounce it on the stamp. Stamp onto the left side of the plaque center. Repeat to finish left side. In the same manner stamp the bottom of the  right side. Quickly wash away some of the scrolls with a clean dampened paint brush.
  6. The centers are created by pulling lines and tapping in Cocoa. Tap in highlights with Golden Straw and Golden Straw + Light Buttermilk (1:1). The darkest areas and accents are glazed with a transparent float of color. The petals are glazed with Royal Purple, the accents are glazed with Avocado in the centers, and Cocoa randomly around the flowers. These colors are also glazed on the outer perimeter of the plaque center by the scrolls.
  7. Apply multiple coast of  DuraClear Matte Varnish to protect the lid.



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