House-Mouse® Mice Costumes Box by Debbie Cole



  1. Seal the surface, then sand lightly with a sanding disc. Wipe with a dampened cheese cloth to remove the dust particles. Basecoat the bottom and insert with Jack-O-Lantern Orange and the remainder of the lid with Lamp Black.
  2. Place the note stamp on an acrylic handle and load with the Versamark stamp pad. Impress onto the top of the box. Quickly sprinkle with orange embossing powder and heat set with gun.
  3. Thin the colors of your choice within the design and splatter the sides of the box using an old tooth brush.


  1. Impress the mouse stamp onto mixed media paper using Lamp Black. Cut out the rectangle to fit the lid.
  2. Create washes of the following colors by thinning the paint with enough water to make it transparent: Purple Pizzazz, Sour Apple, Yellow Light, Jack-O-Lantern Orange, Lamp Black, and Raw Sienna. Apply the Purple Pizzazz wash to the background,  The Jack-O-Lantern Orange to the orange areas, the Yellow Light to the yellow areas, the Sour Apple to the green areas, the Raw Sienna to the brown areas, and the Lamp Black to the black areas. Float to shade with full strength paint of the same colors.
  3. Float additional shades to the purple areas with Black, the orange areas with Cadmium Orange and then Cherry Red, the green areas with Festive Green, the yellow areas with Citron Green, and the brown areas with Burnt Umber.
  4. The flowers on the cup are filled in with washed of Purple Pizzazz with Sour apple centers.
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Also uses these supplies:

  • EP502 Paprika Embossing Powder
  • Americana™ Acrylic Paints by DecoArt® (Cadmium Orange, Citron Green, Jack-O-Lantern Orange, Lamp Black, Purple Pizzazz, Sour Apple, Yellow Light)
  • 5-1/2" x 7" Wood Box
  • 140lb Mixed Media Paper (Brown) by Strathmore®
  • Paintbrushes
  • Cheese Cloth
  • Detail Scissors
  • Toothbrush

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