Ornate Heart Metal Stencil by Jamie Martin

  1. Cut a piece of Double Sided Mounting Paper the size of the Ornate Heart Metal Stencil.  Remove the backing from one side and stick to a piece of white cardstock.
  2. Rub Ornate Heart Metal Stencil with Coconut Soap and place soap side down on Double Sided Mounting Paper after removing the backing.
  3. Sprinkle the stencil with Crystal Micro Glitter and rub with finger.  Shake off excess glitter and return to the jar.
  4. Hold stencil, stencil side down over a trashcan and pull Mounting Paper off of stencil.
  5. Now sprinkle Mounting Paper with Black Micro Glitter, rub with finger and throw out excess glitter (it might be mixed with some of the Crystal Glitter).
  6. Cut heart out and set aside.
  7. Dry emboss Antique Keys on rose paper and sponge with pearlized metallic acrylic paint before removing stencil.
  8. Layer onto black paper and glue to a rose colored card.
  9. Glue heart to the card diagonally, glue rose colored ribbon to the center and glue a key charm below the bow.
  10. Stamp sentiment on white paper with black ink, layer onto black paper and pop up on card.
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Also uses these supplies:

MPDS Double Sided Mounting Paper

DHHS Coconut Soap

May Arts Ribbon

Paper- Rose, Black, White

Pearlized Metallic Acrylic Paint

Key Charm

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