Stack Art Angel Wings Clay Tag by Debbie Cole

Stack Art Angel Wings Clay Tag by Debbie ColeSupplies:

From Stampendous:
SAK01 Stack Art Kraftboard Angel Wings
SAS01 Stack Art Stamps Angel Wings

Americana Lamp Black, True Blue, & Ultra Deep Blue Acrylic Paint by DecoArt®
Dazzling Metallics Glorious Gold Acrylic Paint by DecoArt®
DuraClear Matte Varnish by DecoArt®
Bronze Polymer Clay
ICE® Resin
Oval Bezel
Blue Rhinestones
Sponge Wedges
X-Acto® Knife
1″ Square Shape Cutter
Cogs & Watch Parts


  1. Knead the clay so that it is soft and workable. Roll in a ball and roll the clay out using a rolling pin or acrylic roller to 1/4 inch in depth. Apply Damask stamp onto an acrylic handle. Spray the  stamp with a light mist of water and press firmly into the clay. Lift the stamp off the clay. Remove the large stack art kraftboard.  Use the negative space as a template to cut out the clay shape with an X-Acto Knife. Cut the wings in the same manner. Roll a small ball of clay and place into oval bezel. Bake all shapes in a toaster oven according to manufacturer’s instructions. Allow to cool.
  2. Paint the background with True Blue, wiping off the paint to reveal the clay underneath. Add Ultra Blue Deep only in the deep crevices of the clay using a #3 round brush. Dry brush highlights to background and wings and wash over the face with Glorious Gold.  Dampen cosmetic sponge and remove as much water as possible. Pour a puddle of Lamp Black out on the palette paper. Pounce the sponge into the paint and then on a clean area of the palette. When you look at the bottom of the sponge it should be covered by paint but you should still be able to see the texture of the sponge. Quickly pounce the loaded sponge over the face stamp. Stamp it onto the clay in oval bezel. Glue all elements together adding blue crystals.
  3. Mix Ice Resin according to manufacturer’s instructions. Brush ATC as a varnish with a disposable brush. Allow to harden overnight.


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