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Ribbon Rose Frame Thank You by Lea Kimmel

Supplies: by Lea Kimmel

From Stampendous:
W131 Ribbon Rose Frame
SSC1190 Say It Today Perfectly Clear™ Stamps

Jet Black Archival Ink™ by Ranger®
Mint Dot Cardstock by Bo Bunny
Cardstock by Bazzill Basics Paper®
Edge Punch by Martha Stewart Crafts®
Ribbon by May Arts
Watercolor Paper by Canson®
Green Tea, Grape, Tangerine, Metallic Melon, Metallic Grape, Blueberry, Blood Orange, & Pistachio Gelatos® by Faber-Castell®
Zip Dry™ Paper Glue by Beacon Adhesives


  1. Stamp image, stamp sentiment inside frame.
  2. Color with Gelatos and trim to desired size
  3. Create card base with a tent fold and a mat for stamped image.
  4. Trim green background paper to desired size, punch edge as shown.
  5. Adhere all layers as shown.
  6. Tie bow and attach with glue dots as shown

Snow Bird Box by Jennifer Dove

Supplies: P169_JD_380

From Stampendous:

CRP169 Cling Snow Bird
FREG032 Aged Aqua Embossing Enamel
FRC05 Taupe Color Fragments
FRM04 Tea Stained Mica Fragments
SSH57 Jumbo Perfectly Clear Handle
VM001 VersaMark™ Watermark Stamp Pad


Cling Snow Bird
paper mache or card board box
Grapevine bark
Liquid Applique
Acrylic paint
kraft knife
Glue Gun


1. Cut a hole in top of box.
2. Paint with acrylic paint.
3. Cover box with Grape vine bark using glue gun.
4. Use Versamark Ink on bark and heat emboss with embossing powder.
5. Use liquid glue to adhere mica and fragments.
6. use liquid applique for snow, heat.
7. Color image and when finished add liquid applique for snow, heat.
8. Place image inside lid of box.
Note: can be transformed into a wall hanging after gift is given…just add photo hangers and twine.

Rooster Elements Frame by Jennifer Dove

Supplies: W113_JD_800

From Stampendous:

W113 Rooster Elements
FRG07C Steel Blue Glass Glitter
FRG11C Red Glass Glitter
FRM05 Bronzed Mica Fragments
EP505 Clear Bark Embossing Powder
FRC11 Scarlet Color Fragments
VM001 VersaMark™ Watermark Stamp Pad


Peacock Pearl Dazzling Metallic Paint & Black Tie Multi-Surface Satin Acrylic Paint by DecoArt
Metallic Lustre Copper Kettle by DecoArt
Dimensional Effects & Decoupage Gloss by DecoArt
Hexagon Stencil by Dreamweaver
Chipboard & Metal Cogs & Gears
Book Board
Copic Markers
Gold Organza Ribbon
Tissue Paper


1. Paint book board using Peacock pearl and a paint brush. While this layer dries take some tissue paper and apply a thin layer of the gloss Decoupage to one side. This will be used as an adhesive.
2. Apply the tissue paper to your choice of areas by scrunching onto painted board.
3. Place the hexagon metal stencil onto the book board. Using a palette knife spread on DecoArt Dimensional effects in a thin layer and allow to dry.
4. Apply dimensional pearls randomly on piece.
5. Once dry paint over everything again with the Peacock Pearl paint.
6. Take some of the elements you wish to use later, paint with the Peacock pearl paint and set aside. Let dry.
7. Using your finger, lightly rub on the DecoArt Metallic Lustre Copper Kettle over parts of the project such as the hexagon paste and the crumpled tissue paper. Cover the elements with the Copper Kettle Luster. Let dry.
8. Take the Black Tie acrylic paint and using your finger apply to parts of the project, getting it into the cracks of the textures. Let dry slightly and the gently white off exposing the texture.  
9. Stamp the Rooster Elements using Memento Tuxedo black stamp pad onto smooth white card stock. Color with alcohol markers.
10. Put a thin coat of the gloss Decoupage over the rooster and let dry.
11. Cut Rooster out.
12. Using your Versamark stamp pad and the bark embossing powder, emboss the rooster elements stamp onto the background. Some of the image will not show up due to the texture. Heat set the embossed image.
13. Using foam tape, pop up colored rooster on the base piece.
14. Apply large painted cogs and gears using foam tape and regular adhesive depending on if you want the cog popped or flat.
15. Using the gloss Decou-page as adhesive apply the crushed glass glitter, mica and color fragments anywhere you desire.
16. Heat pice of organza ribbon carefully with heat gun and allow to slightly curl. Stick into the book board base using stick pins.
17. Using Decoupage add small watch pieces. Frame your piece or use it for a book cover.

Bonus Frame Instructions

- Black 8 x 10 frame
- Black 8 x 10 book board/chip board
- DecoArt Dimensional effects
- DecoArt Decou-page™ gloss
- Dreamweaver Hexagon stencil
- DecoArt Peacock pearl Dazzling metallic paint
- DecoArt Metallic Lustre™ Copper Kettle

1. Remove glass from 8″ x 10″ frame.
2. Using a black frame wipe some Peacock Pearl paint over it and then let slightly dry. Wipe off some of the paint.
3. Use rubbing alcohol to remove more if needed.
4. Using the hexagon stencil apply Dimensional effects to frame. Let dry.
5. Paint over dimensional effects with Peacock pearl and let dry.
6. Rub on gently with your finger the Metallic Luster Copper Kettle. Let dry.
7. With your finger apply the black acrylic paint over parts of the Metallic luster and let slightly dry. Rub some off to reveal luster.
8. Place Rooster piece on black book board and then place inside frame.

PenPattern Owl Frame by Debbie Cole

PenPattern Owl by Debbie ColeSupplies:

From Stampendous:
P230 PenPattern Owl
SSH57 Jumbo Perfectly Clear™ Acrylic Handle

Americana Irish Moss, Jack-O-Lantern Orange, Lamp Black, Purple Pizzazz, & White Wash Acrylic Paint by DecoArt®
DuraClear Matte Varnish by DecoArt®
Frame by Viking Woodcrafts
Zip Dry™ Paper Glue by Beacon Adhesives


  1. Seal the insert and frame then sand lightly. Basecoat the  both items with White Wash. Apply one coat of matter varnish to entire surface.
  2. Place the stamp onto an acrylic handle. Dampen sponge and remove as much water as possible. Load with Lamp Black. When using paint on stamps it is important that you do not overload the image. Pour a puddle of paint out on the palette. Pounce the sponge into the paint and then on a clean area of the palette. When you look at the bottom of the sponge it should be covered by paint but you should still be able to see the texture of the sponge. Now quickly pounce the loaded stamp in the center of the insert. If you don’t like what you have stamped simply wipe it off with a wet wipe! Since you already have a coat of varnish on the surface, it will clean up easily. Now basecoat around the owl with Lamp Black.
  3. Using a bubble palette, place about a dime size drop of Irish Moss, Jack-O-Lantern Orange, and Purple Pizzazz in individual bubbles. Mix one part paint with appx three parts water mixed with Easy Float. Completely mix the paint until it becomes transparent. Using a #3 round brush wash in all the colors referring to the photo for placement.
  4. Since this is a pen pattern design, the frame is free handed. Simply draw a line about 1/4 inch from the inside and outside following the contour if the frame.  Pull short horizontal lines referring to the photo. Paint all the lines with Lamp Black using a liner brush or use a black permanent marker. You may free hand the leaves or simply load the leaves from the stamp with Lamp Black. The vines ere free handed with a liner brush using Lamp Black. Paint the frame in the same manner as the owl.
  5. Shade each color with full strength paint using a flat brush.  Allow to cure and coat with matte varnish.

Ranunculus Picture Frame by Debi Hammons

Supplies: R112_Ranunculus_Frame

From Stampendous:

R112 Ranunculus
VM001 VersaMark™ Watermark Stamp Pad
EP100 White Embossing Powder
SSH46 Large Rectangle Acrylic Handle


Wood Picture Frame
Heat tool


  1. Pat interior and exterior sides of frame with VersaFine™ ink. Coat with green embossing powder. Heat to set.
  2. Pat face of frame with VersaFine™ ink. Coat with white embossing powder. Heat to set.
  3. Ink Flower Fields stamp and press onto left edge of frame. Carefully coat only the stems in green embossing powder. Remove excess by carefully tilting frame upright, so embossing powder does not come in contact with wet ink of flowers.
  4. Lay frame flat on surface and coat only the left flower with yellow embossing powder. Remove excess powder by tilting frame so powder falls to left side, not on uncoated, wet ink.
  5. Repeat process with different colors of embossing powder, always removing excess toward the already coated left side.
  6. Once all flowers are coated, heat to set.
  7. Repeat steps 3-6 until frame is decorated.