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The Look Handled Box by Debbie Cole


From Stampendous:
CRS7005 Cling The Look Set
CRSS5074 Cling Build a Bouquet Set
ACRS03 Cling Industrial Set
NKCCRS05 Kaffee Klatsch
P249 Vintage Note
DCS5074 Build a Bouquet Die Set
EJS06 Spoonful of Pixie Dust
CP811 Creative Palette
SSH57 Jumbo Perfectly Clear™ Acrylic Handle

Americana® Baby Pink, Blue Harbor, Bubblegum Pink, Calypso Blue, Carousel Pink, Lamp Black, Sea Aqua, Snow White, & Wedgewood Blue Acrylic Paint by DecoArt®
Matte Medium by DecoArt®
Crystal Craft Twinkles Writers by DecoArt®
Easy Float by DecoArt®
DuraClear Matte Varnish by DecoArt®
Cigar Box by Viking Woodcrafts
18 Gauge Galvanized Steel Wire
Wood Beads
Plastic Beads
Cosmetic Sponges
Lace Ribbon
Small Petal Flower


  1. Coat surface with sealer, sand lightly, wipe with cheese cloth. Place small drops of Blue Harbor, Blue Calypso, Snow White, and Sea Aqua on the Creative Palette. Us a brayer to lightly move the colors together. Press the front of the box into the pain. It should be completely covered with paint, if not, press into the palette again. Repeat the process for the back and sides of the box.
  2. Apply the Vintage note stamp to handle. Using a cosmetic sponge, apply Snow White to the entire stamp. Stamp onto the upper right hand corner of the box. Repeat, stamping randomly around the box. Clean stamp when finished.
  3. Apply the Crackle stamp onto a handle. Load the stamp in the same manner as above with Wedgewood Blue. Stamp the texture randomly all over the box.
  4. Using stencil, pounce Bubble Gum Pink onto box referring to the photo for placement.
  5. Determine placement of girl. Sand that area of the box lightly, wipe clean. Use the stencil and wash in Snow White. Continue the wash with a large brush towards the left side of the box. Allow to dry. Load girl stamp with Lamp Black. Stamp over this area.
  6. Wash over hair area with Bubblegum Pink. Float to Highlight with Baby Pink and shade with Carousel Pink.
  7. Drybrush highlights to the face with Snow White. Float to shade with Blue Harbor + Snow White (1:1). Fill in the iris with Calypso Blue. The Lips are filled with Bublegum Pink and shaded with Carousel Pink. Drybrush blush to the cheeks and float eye shadow above eye with Baby Pink. Reinforce any lines with thinned Lamp Black using a liner brush.
  8. Apply Matte Medium in upper right and two lower corners of the box. Sprinkle with spoon embossing powder and heat set. Using drops from the Stickler Writers, form swirls by the hair and corners.
  9. Stamp the daisy stamp onto paper with Lamp Black. Wash with Bubblegum Pink. Float to shade with Harbor Blue. Float to highlight with Baby Pink. Cut out with die. Glue small petal flowers to hair, then glue daisy of top of flowers. Add large jewel in the center of the daisy.
  10. Drill two holes in the top of the box. Cut wire to determined length for handle. Paint wood beads with Bubblegum Pink. Add beads to wire leaving at least one inch on both ends of the wire. Place the ends into the holes, then bend and wrap inside the box. .


House-Mouse® Painting Pals by Wendy Price



From Stampendous:
HMR22 Painting Pals
W132 Classic Frame
SSC1203 Royal Heart Quotes Perfectly Clear™ Stamps
MEM01 Memento™ Tuxedo Black Ink by Tsukineko®
SSH57 Jumbo Perfectly Clear™ Acrylic Handle

Cardstock by Bazzill Basics®
Ribbon by May Arts
Spectrum Noir Markers (EB1, EB2, EB4, EB6, BG1, BG2, BG3, IG2, IG3, PP1, CG2, BG2, PL3, PL4)
Zip Dry™ Paper Glue by Beacon Adhesives


  1. Cut cardstock to 12 x 5.5 inches. Fold card in half horizontally to create a card base.
  2. Stamp image, color and mat.
  3. Adhere stamped image to card. Embellish with bow.

Hummingbirds Tray by Debbie Cole


From Stampendous:
CRS5072 Cling Hummingbirds
R221 Vintage Letter
SSH57 Jumbo Perfectly Clear™ Acrylic Handle
MEM01 Memento™ Tuxedo Black Ink by Tsukineko®

Americana® Bittersweet Chocolate, Hauser Green Light, Light Buttermilk, Royal Fuchsia, & Traditional Raw Umber Acrylic Paint by DecoArt®
DuraClear Matte Varnish by DecoArt®
14.5″ Square Tray in Mustard by Cupboard Distributing
Cosmetic Sponges


  1. Sand the base of the tray until it is smooth. Base entire surface with Light Buttermilk. Lightly sand over the entire tray to allow the texture of the undercoating to show. Coat with matte varnish.
  1. Stamp the Vintage Note and Vintage Letter stamps to the background using a cosmetic sponge with Traditional Raw Umber.
  1. Apply the flower stamp to handle. Using a cosmetic sponge apply Bittersweet Chocolate to the entire stamp. Stamp onto the tray in the center. Clean stamp immediately. Apply the hummingbirds in the same manner.
  1. Wash over all the areas with Light Buttermilk. Allow to dry and wash the pink areas with Royal Fuchsia and the green areas with Hauser Green Light.
  1. Float to shade with the same colors as the washes using full strength paint. Add a second shade to the flowers with Traditional Raw Umber + Royal Fuchsia (1:1). Add Additional Highlights with floats of Light Buttermilk zz+ Royal Fuchsia (4:1).


ScrewLoose N Sparky Frame by Debbie Cole


From Stampendous:
SSC1219 ScrewLoose N Sparky Perfectly Clear™ Stamps
M323 Screwy Pals
H316 Sparky
Q213 ScrewLoose
SSH57 Jumbo Perfectly Clear™ Acrylic Handle

Americana® Baby Blue, Cadmium Yellow, Country Red, Hauser Green Light, Lamp Black, Snow White, & True Blue Acrylic Paint by DecoArt®
Multi-Purpose Sealer by DecoArt®
Easy Float by DecoArt®
DuraClear Matte Varnish by DecoArt®
Sanding Disc
Paper Palette
Bubble Palette
Paper Towel
All Purpose Glue
Small Screw
Fine Point Sharpie®


  1. Prepare the frame with sealer, sand, then wipe with dampened cheese cloth. Basecoat both the frame and the paper with Snow White. Apply multiple coats until smooth and even. Apply a coat of matte varnish.
  1. Lay out the stamps on the frame and determine placement. Using a C-Thru ruler divide the frame in sections accordingly creating 1/2 inch dividers between the sections. Basecoat the dividers with Baby Blue. Outline the dividers with a Black permanent marker.
  1. Using the small nut stamp, place it onto acrylic handle. Load cosmetic sponge with Lamp Black. When using paint on stamps it is important that you do not overload the image. Pour a puddle of paint out on the palette. Pounce the sponge into the paint and then on a clean area of the palette. Stamp the image onto the dividers especially where two sections come together. Place the small screw head on the handle and stamp in between the nuts on the dividers. Paint the nuts with Snow Hite and the screw heads with Hauser Green Light.
  1. In the same manner as above, stamp the remaining icons in their correct sections using Country Red for the red gear, Golden Straw for the yellow gears, and Lamp lack for the Sparky clear stamp. The Rubber stamps are double loaded. Sponge True Blue to the outer edges of the stamp, the use Lamp Black over the robot icon itself.
  1. Using a bubble palette, place about a dime size drop of Cadmium Yellow, Country Red, and Hauser Green Light in individual bubbles. Mix one part paint with appx three parts water mixed with Easy Float. Completely mix the paint until it becomes transparent. Using a flat shader and/or #3 round brush to wash in all the colors referring to the photo for placement.
  1. Glue photo mount to back of frame. Add photo, name of child, cute phrase, or mirror in the center.
  1. Allow to cure for 24 hours. Apply multiple coats of matte varnish to protect the surface.

Lovely Garden Butterfly Necklace by Debbie Cole


From Stampendous:
CRS5066 Cling Lovely Garden
DCS5066 Lovely Garden Die Set
CP811 Creative Palette
MPW811 Mixed Media White Paper
SSH34 Medium Perfectly Clear™ Acrylic Handle

Americana® Cadmium Yellow, Lamp Black, Tangelo Orange, True Red Acrylic Paint by DecoArt®
Matte Medium by DecoArt®
ICE Resin® Two Part Resin
Cosmetic Sponge Wedges
All Purpose Glue
Swarovski Crystals
Old Toothbrush
Chain Necklace
Chain Closure
Eye Pins & Jump Rings
Craft Sticks
Disposable Measuring Cups
Jewelry Tools


  1. Using the butterfly die, cut six butterflies to create the base of the pendant using a Big Shot or similar machine. Glue two sets of three cut outs together. Glue two eye hooks to the top corners of one set, then glue the two sets together. Paint the back and sides with Lamp Black.
  1. Using the Creative Palette, apply multiple drops of Cadmium Yellow, Tangelo Orange, and True Red onto the palette. Spread with brayer. Place the media paper into the paint, then lift.. Using a toothbrush and thinned paint, splatter randomly with True Red. Allow to dry
  1. Place the stamp from the kit onto an acrylic handle. Dampen a cosmetic sponge and remove as much water as possible. Pour a puddle of Lamp Black out on the palette paper. Pounce the sponge into the paint and then on a clean area of the palette. When you look at the bottom of the sponge it should be covered by paint but you should still be able to see the texture of the sponge. Pounce the sponge onto the stamp and stamp onto the colorized paper. The details should be easily seen and not be too dark. Stamp the butterfly a second time. Cut both images out with the die. Float to shade the butterfly with Lamp Black. Coat with matte medium to seal.
  1. Mix the resin following the manufacturer’s instructions and coat the image. Sprinkle some glitter into the resin. Allow to harden overnight.
  1. Glue crystals to center of butterfly. Add charms, beads, and chain of choice using jump rings.