Winter Friends Ornaments by Debbie Cole

  1. Base all three ornaments with Blue Haven.
  2. Using the stencil that comes with the set, stencil the snowflake pattern onto the background with Snow White using a Dreamweaver stencil brush.
  3. Place stamp each stamp onto an acrylic handle and load with Snow White using a cosmetic sponge. Stamp onto center of the ornament. Basecoat the entire image with Show white. Allow to dry and over stamp with Lamp Black.
  4. Wash the all the images with the same color of thinned paint. All colors should be thinned with water until they become transparent. The black areas are washed with thinned Lamp Black, the red areas with thinned Berry Red, the green areas with Festive Green, the golden areas with Golden Straw, brown areas with Raw Sienna, and the grayish fur areas with Slate Grey.
  5. Float to shade all the areas with the full strength paint of the same color. Reinforce the green areas with Holly Green, the golden areas with Raw Sienna, the brown areas with Burnt Umber, and the red areas with Napa Red. The snowman is shaded with Blue Haven and the white areas of the owl and penguin is shaded with Slate Grey. Pull lines of white on the snowman's fur.
  6. Add dimension to the candy canes, owl's eyes, snowman nose, and ornaments with Liquid Glass.
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Also uses these supplies:

  • 4" Round Wood Ornaments
  • Americana™ Acrylic Paints by DecoArt® (Berry Red, Blue Haven, Burnt Umber, Festive Green, Golden Straw, Holly Green, Lamp Black, Napa Red, Raw Sienna, Slate Grey, Snow White)
  • Liquid Glass by DecoArt®
  • Cosmetic Sponge
  • Paintbrushes

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