Blossom Bunch Klik Necklace by Lea Fritts


  1. Stamp images with black ink on white paper and color with markers
  2. Cut out flowers and add a small dot of yellow paint in the the center of each flower
  3. Mix glitters and fragments together
  4. Coat each side of flower with DecoPage to seal it, set aside to dry
  5. Coat bottom of each bezel with a coat of DecoPage and sprinkle on mixture of glitters and fragments
  6. Mix your resin, be sure to pay close attention to directions
  7. Once mixed, start adding resin over glitter and fragments
  8. Gently add in flowers as shown and continue to add resin
  9. Allow resin to cure for a minimum of 24 hours
  10. Once resin has cured, snap bezels to pendant piece and add ribbon
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Also uses these supplies:

SSC1217 Eclectic Charms Perfectly Clear Stamps™
FRCK04 Hot Fragments Kit
MG06 Lavender Micro Glitter
FRG01 Silver Glass Glitter
Klik Interchangeable Jewelry by Metal Complex™
Cadmium Yellow Medium Hue Acrylic Soft Body Paint by Liquitex®
DecoPage by DecoArt®
Ribbon by May Arts®
Envirotex® Jewelry Resin by Environmental Technology, Inc.®
Copic® Markers

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