Daisy Mix Canvas by Debbie Cole


1. Seal the board with multi-purpose sealer. Randomly apply drops of Turquoise Blue and Yellow Green Light over the board and spread with an old credit card. Do not completely blend, allow patches of color to remain. Allow to dry.
2. Stamp the Vintage Contact stamp randomly with Teal Green. Using  bubble wrap, stamp Blue Chiffon around the board.
3. Tape the honey come stencil in the upper right hand corner of the board. Apply the embossing paste using the paste spreader. Repeat in lower right corner. Using a palette knife, spread embossing paste in the upper right and lower left corners. Dip the smallest petal flower into water and stamp into the past to create impressions. Allow to dry. Loosely paint over the dried paste with Turquoise blue and Yellow Green Light. Allow to dry, then very lightly dry brush over these areas with Hansa Yellow Medium. stencil butterfly randomly three times in the background with Blue Chiffon. Splatter entire background with Blue Chiffon.
4. Refer to the finished photo. Stamp two of each of the flowers shown with Burnt Umber. Cut these flowers out with the matching die cuts. Cut out a variety of leaves.
5. Shade the large daisy petals with Titan Buff, reinforced with Titan Buff + Hansa Yellow Medium (1:1). Stipple the centers with Titan Buff + Hansa Yellow Medium (1:1), then Raw Sienna, Burnt Sienna, and Burnt Umber. 
6. Wash the small petal flower with Titan Buff + Hansa Yellow Medium (1:1). Shade with Yellow Ochre, then in the center with Burnt Sienna + Titan Buff + Hansa Yellow Medium (1:1:1). Stipple the center with this color also, the add more stippling with Burst Sienna and Burnt Umber. Add lines of Titan Buff around the center.
7. The bright yellow flowers are washed with Hansa Yellow Medium then shaded with Raw Sienna. Reinforce the shade with Burnt Sienna. Stipple the centers with the same colors.
8. Adhere the flowers to the board with matte medium. Allow to dry and adhere the second flowers only in the centers. Once dry, lift various petals up to create dimension.
9. Pull stems using a #3 round brush with Hauser Green Medium. Mix HGM with Titan Buff and Yellow Ochre, (2:1:1) to highlight. Add more Titan Buff for additional highlights. Float to shade with Hauser Green Medium + Teal Green (2:1).
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Also uses these supplies:

DecoArt®  Americana® Acrylic Paint -  Blue Chiffon, Hauser Green Medium, Snow White, Teal Green, Turquoise Blue  
DecoArt® Media Fluid Acrylics- Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Hansa Yellow Medium, Raw Sienna, Titan Buff, Yellow Green Light
Decoart®  Decou-Page medium
Brushes- Dreamweaver stencil brushes, Large Flats, #3 Round, Liner, Small Stippling Brushes
Surface- 9" X 12" White Gesso Masonite Board
Cosmetic Sponge Wedges (without oils or lotions)
Small Bubble Wrap
Paper Palette
Paper Towel
Old Credit Card or Plastic Spreader

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