Delicate Snow Server by Debbie Cole


1. Prepare the wooden server with sealer, sand, then wipe with dampened cheese cloth. Apply a few drops of Blue Haven, Sapphire, White Wash paint onto the Creative Palette. Blend slightly with brayer. Press plate into the paint, repeat until plate is completely covered. Basecoat a sheet of card stock with Blue Haven.
2. Using the snowflake templates, stencil the snowflakes randomly around the plate with Sapphire. When dry stamp over these areas with Blue Haven using the appropriate stamp. Add Encrusted Elements to the inside of the plate. Mix the Ice Resin following manufacturer's instructions and fill the inside of the plate half full. Allow to dry overnight.
3.Add additional snowflakes to the rim of the plate using the templates with Blue Haven. Cut out snowflakes using the snowflake dies and the Blue Haven card stock.  Stamp the paper snowflakes  and stenciled areas with Sapphire. Align the paper snowflakes with those on the rims and glue into place. Mix additional Ice Resin and fill the inside of the plate to be even with the rim. Allow to cure completely.
4. Stamp the snowflake stamps randomly around the plate using Snow White.
5. Allow to cure for 24 hours. Apply multiple coats of gloss varnish to protect the server. Add Shaved Ice to one of the early coats of varnish.
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Also uses these supplies:

Americana® Blue Haven, Sapphire, & Snow White Acrylic Paint by DecoArt®
Multi-Purpose Sealer by DecoArt®
11.5" Wood Plate
Cosmetics Sponge Wedges
Paper Palette
Bubble Palette
Paper Towel
Sanding Disc  

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