Birds and Bones and Angel Aviary Tomb by Katy Leitch

  1. Stamp the skeleton onto white card and cut out.
  2. Stamp the fairy several times onto white card and once onto acetate.
  3. Cut out the skirt from the acetate.
  4. Cut out the top of the skirt, her hair and various flowers from other images.
  5. Add crystal glitter to wings using glue pen.
  6. Use a permanent silver marker to highlight the wire structure, working on the back of the acetate. Assemble the ‘skeleton woman’ as shown.
  7. To create the graveyard, treat a wooden block and MDF gravestones with Textire Sand Paste and paint light grey.
  8. Stamp the skull on the stones and mask it off.
  9. Add Relic chalky finish with a stipple brush.
  10. Follow with Viridian and Green Gold, also stippled in places, to mimic moss growing.
  11. Adhere all elements to the plinth and finish with florists’ moss and some cobwebs made from hot glue gun ‘string’.
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Also uses these supplies:

MDF Gravestones by Tando Creative
Texture Sand Paste, Relic Chalky Finish Paint, Viridian and Green Gold Fluid Acrylic Media by DecoArt
Stipple Brush
Glue Gun and Glue
Floral Moss
Silver Permanent Marker
Glue Pen

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