Handle With Care Artist Trading Block by Janelle Stollfus

  1. Make a box that opens using matboard and box die or use a found box.
  2. Use hole punch to make enough circles from thin chipboard to use as nails on wood disks or large beads (8 per disk were used shown above) and glue onto disks.
  3. Paint the following pieces with black then silver paint when dry; box, small arch frame chipboard, sheet of chipboard and the four wood disks or beads.
  4. Paint Quinacridone Gold around corners of box, arch frame and on wood disks where rusting may occur naturally. When dry paint a few spots with Patina Green Antiquing Cream.
  5. Ink dripped heart stamp from Handle With Care with Versafine Onyx Black ink onto front and sides of the box. Emboss with Clear Embossing Powder.
  6. Repeat step 5 with eye stamp onto top of box lid.
  7. Ink barbed wire with watermark ink onto sides of box and emboss with Seasonings Embossing Enamel.
  8. Apply Liquid Glass at each corner on the front of the box, let stand for 15 minutes and while the surface is slightly tacky gently repeat painting step 2 and step 4 with small round brush.
  9. Paint center of arch from top to bottom with Titanium White, Diarylide Yellow and Doxazine Purple.
  10. Mist lace with Carbon Black and a few squirts of Shimmer White Misters, let dry, then glue to the back of the arch window. Leaving lace larger than arch snip with scissors for fringe.
  11. Glue arch window and center of arch together and glue onto box front.
  12. Hole punch in the center of the lid flap, add glue and adhere metal loop securing with metal brad. Add a pull to metal loop with the bead chain and connector.
  13. Ink Handle With Care stamp with Versafine black ink onto a painted chipboard that is cut for the size of the stamp, emboss with clear embossing powder. Repeat step 8 on the front of this embossed chipboard. Glue on box lid above embossed eye stamp.
  14. Make a mixture of embossing powders that resemble the color of patina green with Ice Blue Embossing Enamel, Aged Green Embossing Enamel and Sterling Silver Embossing Enamel.
  15. Stamp winged heart with watermark ink onto painted chipboard and heat set with patina green embossing mix. Cut out wings.
  16. Stamp winged heart again with Versafine Black Onyx ink onto Mixed Media White Paper and paint heart with a mix of Titanium White and Phthalo Blue Green. Stamp over painted area again with black onyx ink. Cut out heart.
  17. Add wings and heart to the center of the arch window on front of the box.
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Also uses these supplies:

  • FREG048 Ice Blue Embossing Enamel
  • FREG043 Aged Green Embossing Enamel
  • EP101 Sterling Silver Embossing Enamel
  • EP020 Clear Embossing Enamel
  • FREG044 Seasonings Embossing Enamel
  • Chipboard
  • ScoreBoards Box & Square XL Die by Sizzix®
  • Straight Edged Small Arches by Tando Creative
  • Fluid Acrylic Paints by DecoArt® (Carbon Black, Silver, Quinacridone Gold, Dioxazine Purple, Diarylide Yellow, Titanium White)
  • Patina Green Antiquing Cream by DecoArt®
  • Misters by DecoArt® (Carbon Black, Shimmer White)
  • Liquid Glass by DecoArt®
  • ZipDry™ Paper Glue by Beacon Adhesives
  • Wide Lace
  • Antique Copper Metal Bead Chain and Connector, Brad, & Metal Loop by Creative Impressions
  • Wood Disks or Beads (4)
  • Hole Punch
  • Paintbrushes

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