Look Into My Eyes Frame by Katy Leitch

  1. Stamp the wood stamp onto a piece of mid-brown cardstock repeatedly with Versamark (or embossing ink of your choice) and cover with Nutmeg powder. Sprinkle some Lettuce powder here and there to simulate moss growing on the wood. Heat emboss the powders.
  2. Draw around a circular object (e.g. a plate) onto the cardstock to create the outer edge of the circular frame – judge the size by the size of the stamped image. Tear out the shape roughly.
  3. Use a small circular object to draw a rough circle in the middle of the cardstock from step 2. You only need a small circle as it will get bigger as you tear. Make a small cut along your drawn line to get you started then tear out the shape of the hole roughly.
  4. Tear and fold back the edges of the circle from step 3 to form a 3D aperture. Use a brown spray ink over to add additional speckled texture, if desired.
  5. Carefully sprinkle a few random areas of Spoonful of Rust powder to add texture – you don’t want too much – just some subtle areas of texture. Heat from beneath to melt (I found that with my heat gun, which is one of the more open ended ‘hairdryer’ style guns, I could gently heat from above too and not blow the powder away).
  6. Stamp some leaves and spray with orange spray ink to colour. Crumple up then flatten out again and swipe a brown inkpad lightly over to pick up the texture. Glue in place with a gel or silicone glue to enable them to retain their dimension.
  7. Press the pinecones randomly onto a Versamark pad. Sprinkle with Lettuce embossing powder and heat to set, to give them greenish tones in places. Glue in place with gel or silicone adhesive, or a hot glue gun.
  8. Cut another circle of corrugated card or similar thick cardstock (I used an old box) and glue the owl image to it, lining the image up with the aperture in the frame. Apply the card circle to the back of the frame using spacers to give it a 3D look – I used pieces of foam board sandwiched between 3D foam tape, but you could easily use more corrugated card pieces.
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Also uses these supplies:

  • EP512 Lettuce Embossing Powder
  • EP504 Nutmeg Embossing Powder
  • Cardstock (White, Dark Brown, Mid Brown)
  • Thick cardboard (I recycled a packing box)
  • Brown Ink Pad
  • Inktense Pencils by Derwent®
  • Ink Spray (Brown, Orange)
  • Adhesive (Gel or Silicone)
  • Foam Tape

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