The Look by Fran Seiford


Soak Creative Palette in VERY HOT water for five minutes before using.
Apply a variety of pink, yellow and orange acrylic paints to the palette surface.
Use tools or a water spritzer to make designs in paint as desired.
Smooth Mixed Media White Paper over paint surface to transfer pattern to paper.
Allow to dry before use. Create multiple printings from one paint application.
When dry stamp The Look in black ink over colored patterns in an area where lighter color will fall under skin of face stamp. If you don't have a good spot, you can add pant when dry to lighten the area of the face using the stencil and mask provided.
Add color to face and hair details with colored pencils.
Stamp flowers and leaves on additional paper and color with colored pencils
Fussy cut flowers and leaves.
Glue flowers and leaves in place over the hair.

To see all of Fran's hints and tips for The Look - visit our video HERE.
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Also uses these supplies:

Americana Acrylic Paints by DecoArt
Colored Pencils
Zip Dry™ Paper Glue by Beacon Adhesives

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