Hummingbirds Tray by Debbie Cole


  1. Sand the base of the tray until it is smooth. Base entire surface with Light Buttermilk. Lightly sand over the entire tray to allow the texture of the undercoating to show. Coat with matte varnish.
  1. Stamp the Vintage Note and Vintage Letter stamps to the background using a cosmetic sponge with Traditional Raw Umber.
  1. Apply the flower stamp to handle. Using a cosmetic sponge apply Bittersweet Chocolate to the entire stamp. Stamp onto the tray in the center. Clean stamp immediately. Apply the hummingbirds in the same manner.
  1. Wash over all the areas with Light Buttermilk. Allow to dry and wash the pink areas with Royal Fuchsia and the green areas with Hauser Green Light.
  1. Float to shade with the same colors as the washes using full strength paint. Add a second shade to the flowers with Traditional Raw Umber + Royal Fuchsia (1:1). Add Additional Highlights with floats of Light Buttermilk zz+ Royal Fuchsia (4:1).
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Also uses these supplies:

Americana® Bittersweet Chocolate, Hauser Green Light, Light Buttermilk, Royal Fuchsia, & Traditional Raw Umber Acrylic Paint by DecoArt®
DuraClear Matte Varnish by DecoArt®
14.5" Square Tray in Mustard by Cupboard Distributing
Cosmetic Sponges
Palette Paper
Water Container/Water

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