We use Zip Dry™ Paper Glue by Beacon Adhesives® for gluing most paper surfaces together. We find that this glue gives us the flexibility to make sure card layers are straight with the permanence of a high-quality, adhesive that doesn't lose its strength under the fluorescent lights of a store display.

To create dimension on some cards, we use 3D Foam Adhesive Squares by Scrapbook Adhesives® by 3L®. These squares of dimensional foam are adhesive on both sides. They raise a card layer up about 1/8″. They can be stacked if a taller layer is required. They can be easily cut if a smaller piece is needed. They're available in white or black and we love both!

For an instant bond with strength like creating a pocket, box, or envelope we use Krafty Power Tape by Scrapbook Adhesives® by 3L®. This easy dispenser can provide just a tiny rectangle of adhesive or an extremely strong strip.